sophia murden


Stravaig is a brand that creates technical outdoor wear specifically for women. It embraces the idea that many women want to escape the monotony of everyday life to go exploring in wild places and therefore draws inspiration from journeys taken through the wilderness along hiking trails and mountain valleys. The small details of nature such as lichens and fungi are observed and influence the collections colour choices, material textures and prints. Natural sculptural shapes inspire Stravaig’s flattering silhouettes and aesthetically pleasing functional details. Combined with performance materials these garments provide protection against the elements while retaining comfort and style. The use of colourful prints and comfort features work to improve the wearers psychological well being, thus encouraging better decision making should the weather change for the worst. Great attention has also been given to the body’s thermoregulation while exercising in winter weather to develop garments that provide optimal temperatures.

Sophia draws inspiration from the natural world and enjoys researching scientific studies to inform her designs. She is interested in creating functional products while making a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment.

Sophia Murden
Stravaig - Technical Outdoor Wear