Sophie Bean

Sustainability is an unprecedented problem burdening our planet and threatening the very civilisations in which we live. Instigated primarily by continuous
population growth and rising sea levels, humanity continues to have an inability to adapt and meet these challenges. However, the trend of incapability ends here. Elizabeth Muir aims to initiate the sustainability evolution by forging partnerships with leading environmental charities and institutions to promote, develop and
introduce sustainable garments. Using materials such as natural fish skins throughout our collections, we aim to pioneer a new way of thinking that will safeguard humanity from its own destruction.

‘ELIZABETH MUIR’ is a slow womenswear brand that aims to raise awareness of the detrimental effects humanity is having on the planet due to overconsumption. As the second biggest polluting industry in the world (True Cost, 2015), the brand aims to improve the fashion industry’s position and envisages a new fashion industry where trends no longer influence the world of fashion and consumers buy better to buy once.