Liberty Blackwell

Mabel and the Bear is a consumer-led fashion and lifestyle brand with a theme of ‘staying connected’ in a technology-driven society. Mabel and the Bear’s consumers are independent creative professional women aged 20-30 who need escapism from social media and wish to live a life with purpose.
Mabel is an anagram of the owners’ names, (L)iberty (M)ay (B)lackwell and (E)lizabeth (A)rcher. Bear represents the brand’s philosophy for young professional women: (B)elieve, (E)mpower, (A)dore, (R)estore. These tie in with the themes of the brand: Escapade, Affinity, Captivate and Restorative.
There are two competitions: Fashion and Freedom, which explores the restriction and release for women before and after the First World War; and the British Fashion Council’s Burberry menswear competition, with an entry inspired by the poem ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth.
The brand extension, a collaboration with Liberty London, is a childrenswear collection. Designs incorporate Liberty prints and take inspiration from the narrative of the Mabel and the Bear concept ‘Lost in a Dream’. The brand extension also includes a Captivate menswear collection based on the same themes as the womenswear; a capsule wardrobe suited for modern living.