Zoe Furniss


08:58 is a design-led women’s wear brand that combines innovative silhouette and future textile technology which protects the health of modern day urban commuters. This includes those who use public transport systems, private vehicles and bikes. Each of these environments presents it’s own dangers to health from air pollution to the passing of germs in the overcrowded London Underground.

The outerwear pieces can be worn alone or layer on top of one   another. The structured inner coats have magnetic epaulettes that function as not only a striking design feature but also a fastening to the over sized outer coats which have loops inside the shoulders.

Inspirations have been drawn from the now derelict workplaces of the past and the archived workwear once worn by employees of historical heavy industries. The colour palette and silhouette are amplified but the design details are subtly adapted to produce an original and interesting collection.